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The review can be prepared in any form, and must contain:

1. The title of the article, academic regalia, affiliation and the author’s name:


of the article "Application of Technological Marketing in Forecasting the Economic Development of  Mineral Resources Complex" by the Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor ___________________of the  National Mineral Resources University of Mines,  Ivanov Ivan Ivanovich.

2. Description of the problem and issues that are the focus of the article (in brief):

... The article justifies the necessity and feasibility of using technological methods of marketing in planning and forecasting...

3.  The peer-reviewed article topicality:

... Topicality of the article is not in doubt since the objectives ... and methods of technological marketing make it possible to determine ….. on the basis of the sequence of economic development factors...

4. Emphasizing the article important aspects:

... A feature of the author's approach is to apply the technological marketing methodology in economic management. The necessity and feasibility of application of approaches of technological marketing in public planning and forecasting are justified...

5. Summary and conclusions on the possibility of the article publication:

... The scientific article by I.I. Ivanov, "Application of Technological Marketing in Forecasting of the Mineral Complex Economic Development” meets the requirements. This article may be recommended for publication.

6. Title, academic degree, position, place of work, signature and name of the reviewer, date.

The review must be certified by the signature of a human resources representative and the seal of the organization, where the reviewer is employed.